Corruption complaints decreasing

Corruption: During the second quarter of this year (from April to June), the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) received132 complaints, out of which 22 qualified for investigation.

According to the report, complaints increased by 50 numbers comparing with the first three months of this year.

Among the types of corruption allegations received, the maximum were on abuse of function. The commission received two bribery complaints.

The commission received the highest number of complaints from Thimphu, followed by Chhukha and Sarpang.

The commission received one complaint each from Mongar, Bumthang, Punakha and Gasa. The commission received the highest (56) complaints by post.

“Normally the commission gets more known complaints compared with unknown. However, during this reporting period, the commission has received more unknown complaints,” says the report.

According to the report, complaints received against local governments were the highest with 36 complaints, followed by dzongkhags, corporations and private organisations. In this quarter, the commission did not receive any complaints against the information and communications ministry and legislation.

According to the annual report of the ACC, the commission has received on an average 450 complaints annually during the last nine years, highest being 791 in 2007 and the lowest 336 in 2014.

Complaints have been decreasing over the years. According to the commission, the decline may be due to constant efforts of the ACC on public education on corruption thereby improving quality of complaints or because of the time that the ACC takes in responding to the complaints.

“This may also be indicative of reduction of corruption in the country brought about by the three-pronged strategies of investigation, prevention and education,” said the report.

From the total of 4,050 complaints received over the last nine years, 51 percent was anonymous and 49 percent was from known sources. During the reporting period, known complaints was 68 percent of the total 336 complaints, an increase of 15 percent from the previous year.

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  1. thoughtboy
    thoughtboy says:

    The decreased in no. of complaints may also be an indication that people might have stopped complaining due to lack of actions against those complaints, please know that no complaints from people doesn’t mean that country is now less corrupt , may be it is not reported or corrupted people have become smart enough to hide their conduct. Before the arrival of democracy in our country there was hardly any case of corruptions reported and covered in media, does that mean country was corrupt free before? No certainly not , it was just never reported people were afraid to complain against influential people. So ACC should not be complacent in thinking that our country is already becoming less corrupt and look on other sides of this statics and do their job equally involving as they have done so far.

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