He was detained after exploding boulders to clear a farm road which resulted in two people getting injured

Legal: The gup of Khoma, who was detained by Lhuentse police for alleged possession of explosives, has been on bail since December 30.

The gup and two other people were detained after they destroyed a boulder with explosives to clear a farm road. Two people were injured by the explosion.

The incident took place on November 3 last year when the gup and two other people were clearing the Phangkhartoed farm road, as huge boulders blocked the road.

Four people were travelling to Phangkhartoed temple that day when the exploded boulder hit two of them. The people, unaware of the road clearing activities, had been walking on the road.

The gup was arrested on December 12 and the two other people arrested on December 14.

The gup was alleged of possessing leftover explosives meant for the construction of the Khoma-Dung farm road. He had later used the explosives to clear the farm road.

Lhuentse police said they forwarded the case to the Office of Attorney General (OAG). It was learnt that officials from OAG will study the case and then frame the charges.

Tashi Phuntsho | Mongar