Nima Wangdi

Covid-19 positive cases have seen a slight rise since August 15, according to the Ministry of Health’s weekly update.

Last week saw a total of 178 Omicron positive cases.

Chukha has recorded the highest positive cases. Thimphu comes next with 37.

As winter approaches, the risks of contracting the disease are high, according to health experts.

Without a clear protocol, employees at some offices where Covid-19 positive cases are suspected are unsure as to how to deal with the cases.

Should the positive cases be home quarantined or sent on long medical leave?

An official from the health ministry said that the ministry is monitoring the situation on daily basis. “Although 90 percent of the infected people are asymptomatic for now, there is a risk of changing variants.”

The health ministry officials in an earlier interview advised people to follow Covid-19 protocols as the pandemic is still around.

India, the immediate neighbour has also reported a slight rise in the Covid-19 cases with 7,231 cases yesterday.

China yesterday called a lockdown for millions of people living in the cities around the capital Beijing.

Nearly 4 million people in Hebei province, which surrounds Beijing, were asked to stay home until the end of the week as officials strive to curb the problem, according to the sources.

Bhutan has so far seen 61,076 Covid-19 positive cases—60,961 recovered and 21 died. The rest are active cases.