As of March 18

Bhutanese are encouraged to refrain from travel to all countries that have reported cases of COVID-19 infection. In case of unavoidable travels, study travel restrictions of the port of disembarkation (including transit) and take other basic preventive measures. 


The foreign ministry has advised Bhutanese travellers to:

Avoid travelling from or transiting through the UK, the EU, the UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait until the restrictions are lifted.

Only transit through Delhi or other Indian airports and not to exit the airports. Have at least 12 hours of layover. Exiting the airport may subject travellers to strict quarantine for 14 days.


Visa on arrival in Thailand for Bhutanese has been suspended until further notice. 

Bhutanese travelling to Thailand have to obtain a prior visa and may also be asked to produce a health certificate to say you are free of COVID-19. 

Bhutanese travellers transiting via Bangkok are not allowed to move out of the airport. They have to have a layover of 12 hours. 


Foreign nationals who have lived or travelled to China, Iran, Italy, the Republic of Korea within the last 14 days need a valid visa to travel to Bangladesh and will be asked to observe self-quarantine for 14 days.


Visa on arrival for all foreigners including Bhutanese have been suspended.