12:04: Those in quarantine were considered as a positive patient until proved negative, so they were placed under strict quarantine: PM said.


12:04: Covid-19 update:

Those who are in quarantine must be considered positive until proven otherwise and they were checked regularly : PM


12:00: Online teaching is not mandatory. Other options will be made available by the govt. : PM said.



11:55: Covid-19 update:

Bhutanese residing outside, who face any problems because of covid-19 should contact government


11:54: Covid-19 update:
Govt is helping those returning to Bhutan from abroad, and but if they can remain put in their places practising precautions would be most ideal: PM.


11:50: Covid-19 update:
About 85% of people who eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and drink plenty of water would be not easily affected by the virus: PM.



11:20: Covid-19 update:
Our main concern is to prevent the virus everything else is secondary. Parents can play a vital role in the continuation of their children’s education, this can be an opportunity for children to learn many things that are not taught in schools: PM.


  The positive Covid-19 patient’s condition is stable and remains asymptomatic: PM.


11:28 Covid-19 update:
No test is 100% specific but this test or the PCR test is highly sensitive in the case of Covid-19. There is no equipment or human error in conducting this test: PM said.

Bhutan will continue to remain in the Orange category.



11:20:Despite the new positive case in the American tourist’s partner, there is no reason for the public to panic or worry: PM said.



11:20:The driver and guide of the American tourist tested negative. They will be given the option to either stay at home or at the quarantine facility: PM said.


11:19: Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering said the Covid-19 patient’s partner test result is positive.

Others were all negative.