Chencho Dema

A 29-year-old sous-chef was taken into custody and charged with murder of a Bhutanese woman stabbed to death on December 18 at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra, Australia.

It was confirmed yesterday afternoon that the suspect had been charged with one count of murder during a bedside hearing in hospital.

The 29-year-old suspect was refused bail despite entering a not guilty plea to the murder accusation.

He is scheduled to appear in court in April of next year.

The deceased 29-year-old was working as a kitchen hand at the zoo and had recently moved to Australia.

The body of the victim was found in the storeroom located at the back of the kitchen by one of the staff who heard her scream.

After the victim’s body was found on December 18, the suspect was apprehended in the afternoon and brought to the Canberra hospital under police guard with self-inflicted wounds.

The suspect is said to be in a stable condition.

A knife was found at the scene.

According to Australian media, the suspect and the victim were coworkers at the zoo, but it is unknown whether the duo had any relationship outside work.

Meanwhile, the suspect’s apartment was searched by the forensic team and his vehicle has been towed.

An autopsy is yet to be performed, but at this stage police believe that the victim died from being stabbed with a knife.