Celebrating the national Gross National Happiness (GHN) day on November 11, the GNH Centre Bhutan (GHNCB) will organise a daylong international cultural festival at the centenary park in Thimphu.

A press release from GHNCB stated that the celebration would begin with offering of prayers at the sanctum of Semtokha dzong.

The cultural festival is part of the annual celebration organised by GHNCB coinciding with His Majesty The Fourth Druk Gyelpo’s birth anniversary on November 11.

As part of the celebration, the festival themed ‘Expressions of Happiness’ will open various stalls related to health and wellbeing such as meditation, yoga, pranic healing, and traditional medicine among others. The stalls will open around 10:30am.

This year’s festival will provide a platform to demonstrate creative expressions to experience, promote and embrace the values of GNH through dance, music, poetry and other artistic performances.

“A key element for participants will be to demonstrate through the creative arts how GNH creates a space for meaningful development, promoting the arts, embracing culture and values, and how each of us as individuals have a responsibility in shaping a sustainable future for the planet.”

Members of the GNH club at College of Language and Culture Studies, Taktse will also organise cultural festival and unveil a magazine.

According to the press release, GNHCB’s president, HRH Princess Kesang Choden Wangchuck and officials would attend the programme at the evening.

The GNH Centre Bhutan (GNHCB) is a non-profit civil society organisation. The centre was established as a tribute to take forward the vision and philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

B-Grimm, Bangkok; Le Meridien, Thimphu; Bhutan Power Corporation and Bhutan Printing Solutions are supporting the upcoming event.

Staff reporter