Cyclist hit by hilux

Accident: A 23-year-old man was injured when the bicycle he was riding collided with a government pool vehicle around 7:50pm on July 30.
The incident happened at a junction above Trashichhodzong and was reported to police by a passerby.
Neurosurgeon Dr Tashi Tenzin said that the man had injuries on his head and hand.
“He is unconscious at the moment but his condition is stable,” said Dr Tashi Tenzin. “His computerised tomography (CT) scan report did not show any major injuries.
The man is still in intensive care unit as of yesterday.
The man’s wife said that he was on his way to work when the incident happened. She said the driver of Gross National Happiness Commission’s (GNHC) Toyota Hilux was drunk.
GNHC’s administrative officer, Karma, said that the Toyota Hilux was on duty for the Bangladesh delegates who were in the country for SAARC meeting.
“The driver was on his way back after a dinner for the delegates when the incident happened,” said Karma.
Police has detained the driver and the case is under investigation.

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  1. amrithdiary
    amrithdiary says:

    This is very sad. The main problem in Bhutan is that we don’t have a separate lane for cyclists and even where we do have, nobody respects it. Reckless driving and seemingly uncivilized behaviours/attitude of our drivers are the main causes of Vehicular madness on Bhutanese roads

    Just wondering when will our people get more civilized and respect each other on the roads. Today, it’s not safe even to cross the roads at Zebra Crossings. I sometimes feel we should have more strict traffic rules in place because it seems people are not afraid of existing penalties.

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