Thinley Namgay

Paro FC’s Community Youth League (CYL), a football league organised by Paro FC in collaboration with Bhutan Football Federation (BFF), is entering the semifinals today.

The league, which started on April 9, is being held in Paro and features 24 teams in the under (U)-14 and U-16 categories. The league is aimed at promoting football, engaging the community, and creating social awareness.

In the U-16 girls’ category, Woochu FC will face Lamgong FC today, while Drukgyel FC will play DCS FC tomorrow. In the U-16 boys’ category, Shaba FC will face Taju FC today, and Drukgyel FC will play Lamgong FC tomorrow.

In the U-14 boys’ group, Lamgong FC will face Gaupel FC today, and Drukgyel FC will play Woochu FC tomorrow. In the U-14 girls’ group, Lamgong FC will face Woochu FC today, and Drukgyel FC will play Drukgyel Lower FC tomorrow.

Paro FC’s head coach, Puspalal Sharma, said that one of the components of the CYL is to raise awareness about the importance of environmental conservation and the need for sustainable practices.

“Through various activities and workshops, young players and their parents are educated on ways to minimise their ecological footprint and contribute to a cleaner and greener future,” he said.

Karma Jigme, president of Paro FC, said that parents play a crucial role in the development of young athletes, and their involvement in the league helps create a positive environment where children can thrive. “The engagement of parents and their collaboration with Paro FC cultivates a sense of community pride and unity,” he said.

The CYL is an inclusive league that provides a platform for all children, regardless of their background, to participate and showcase their talent. It is a valuable initiative that is helping to promote football, engage the community, and create social awareness.

The programme will end on May 6.