Yangyel Lhaden

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) swept the majority of votes in Dagana.

In  Drukjegang-Tseza constituency, PDP’s Sonam Dorji emerged victorious with 5,906 votes, surpassing BTP’s Nima Tshering, who received 3,847 votes. Sonam Dorji secured 3,993 votes through EVM and 1,913 through PB, while Nima Tshering garnered 2,603 EVM votes and 1,244 through PB.

The constituency, featuring 14,620 registered voters, witnessed a commendable 66 percent voter turnout. Out of 3,381 registered PB voters, 3,166 were received, and 62 were rejected.

In Lhamoidzingkha-Tashiding, PDP’s Chandra Bahadur Gurung secured a remarkable 7,218 votes (5,617 EVM, 1,601 PB), defeating BTP’s Prakash Sharma, who received 1,550 EVM votes and 738 PB votes.

The constituency, with 13,973 registered voters, witnessed a robust turnout of 9,506 voters. Out of 2,399 received PB votes, 64 were rejected.

Election officials cited various reasons for rejections, including missing or incomplete CID numbers, CID mismatches, self-declarations as competent witnesses, no mark on the ballot paper, voters not registered for PB, and double marks, among others.