Chencho Dema

Wangdue – In a daring escape, a 26-year-old woman detainee skillfully removed a metal grill from her cell at the Wangdue police station in the early hours of April 4, freeing herself.

Her freedom was short-lived, however, as one of her acquaintances reportedly alerted the police about her escape on the same day.

The woman was apprehended in Bajothang town around 2 pm on April 4.

After her escape, the woman had reportedly sought refuge at a friend’s place. CCTV footage showed her strolling near Bajo town.

The woman, a mother of two who is divorced, was arrested on two charges: deceptive practices involving Nu 12,000 and theft of services amounting to Nu 6,000.

Police officials said that the woman frequented karaoke establishments and was taken to drinking. She also allegedly deceived people for money.

How did she escape?

Police officials said that due to overcrowding in the male detention area and the absence of female detainees, some male suspects were temporarily housed in the female detention area.

The woman was accommodated in a room belonging to the police station’s in-charge, which occasionally serves as a detention facility.

Police stated that the suspect persistently tampered with the iron rod of the window in an attempt to escape.

“Occasionally, a police official conducted checks on her, and up until the second check, the suspect was present in the room. At the third inspection, she was discovered to be missing,” said a police official.

The search for the suspect was launched immediately.