Thinley Namgay

The president of Bhutan Karate Association, Dawa Lham was elected as the vice president of the South Asian Karate Federation recently. 

Dawa, who will serve in the post for four years, is the first Bhutanese national to be elected to the post. 

Dawa Lham is optimistic and confident about representing Bhutan not only in South Asia but also in the Asian Karate Federation. 

She said that her appointment as the VP would provide Bhutan with essential support from member countries, particularly in terms of technical teams and coaches to train Bhutanese Karatekas. 

Dawa Lham believes that support from member countries will significantly elevate Bhutan’s profile in the World Karate Federation, contributing to the advancement and popularity of karate among youth at the grassroots level. 

“Our collective goal is to nurture elite players capable of excelling in the Asian and World Championships,” Dawa Lham said. 

Highlighting the current needs of the Bhutan Karate Association, she pointed out the requirement for experienced coaches and technical support, as many experienced coaches have left abroad. 

Dawa Lham said that the Bhutan Karate Association plans to bring experienced coaches from Nepal after discussing with the Bhutan Olympic Committee. “This initiative aims to train athletes with coaching potential and introduce the sport in schools.”

The South Asian Karate Federation consists of seven member countries: Bhutan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, and Pakistan. 

Despite the growing momentum of karate in South Asia, its popularity varies in each country due to factors such as the presence of karate schools and dojos, the talent pool, and the success of national athletes.