Tshering Namgyal | Mongar

A 53-year-old driver died on impact when the Eicher DCM truck veered off 110m off the newly constructed farm road in Sherimuhung, Mongar, on the afternoon of February 2.

A 14-year-old girl died on the way to Mongar regional referral hospital. She was a Class VIII student of Sershong Lower Secondary School.

Sources said there were 11 passengers including the driver when the accident occurred. Among the passengers, six were students, three parents and a monk of Muhung goenpa.

While eight other passengers who were injured were referred to the Mongar hospital, a student escaped unhurt.

Officials from Mongar ERRH said all the admitted patients are in stable condition as of yesterday.

The incident surfaced at around 1:40pm when the passenger carrying vehicle was returning from Shilling village towards Sershong lower secondary school. The DCM truck belongs to Muhung goenpa and the driver and a monk of the goenpa had gone to fetch vegetables from Shilling village.

The driver had given a lift for the parents and students who were walking on the way returning to the school from the break.

Mongar police said the driver lost control over the vehicle while climbing the narrow, steep farmroad.