Staff Reporter 

The Deputy Chief of Police (DCoP) for crime, Colonel Dorji Wangchuk, was terminated with benefits in June this year.

He was initially suspended in the beginning of the year after police investigation into the conspiracy case and ongoing sedition case by Khandu Wangmo revealed that he had tampered evidence in a harassment case.

It was learnt that defendant Khandu Wangmo had called a former army officer to her house and made him make threatening calls to her then boyfriend, who is also a colonel, in 2016.

The boyfriend then lodged a complaint to the police that a man was threatening him. Police investigation tracked the number and when both the accused and the complainant were called together to settle the matter, the former army officer revealed he made the threatening calls at the behest of Khandu Wangmo.

The colonel recorded the statement in front of the police officer to use it against Khandu Wangmo, but he was later called back to the police station by the DCoP and made to delete the recordings.

The Office of the Attorney General, while framing charges against Khandu Wangmo in the two cases, suggested Royal Bhutan Police’s service board to take administrative action.

The board decided to terminate the DCoP.

The DCoP, who served for 36 years, would actually superannuate next year.

Edited by Tashi Dema