Male Iron Rat Year

Nima | Gelephu 

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic triggered lockdowns in the country, Zhemgang was under natural lockdown with monsoons blocking the road at Ossey and Rewtala on Gelephu-Trongsa highway.

The dzongkhag is inching closer to end its forced isolation by the monsoon with improved road infrastructure in 2020. For the last five years, the Department of Roads (DoR) in Sarpang spent over Nu 6.5 million (M) annually to keep the Gelephu-Trongsa primary highway open.

The year also saw improved infrastructure and bridges constructed along the highway under the support of Japan’s grant aid project.

After long years of planning and discussion, Zhemgang dzong renovation plan that started in the 11th plan reached the planning phase. A detailed project report was planned in the year.

After almost 10 years, the dzongkhag approved over Nu 50 million for the Sershong irrigation scheme that would benefit over 250 acres of agricultural land in Trong gewog.

In an attempt to connect all homes in Zhemgang with electricity, the works to connect the last 300 homes were implemented in the year.

The dzongkhag administration requested ministries and agencies to bring their winter activities that were usually in Phuentsholing and Gelephu to Zhemgang to revive the drying Zhemgang throm.

This was initiated by former dzongdag in an attempt to attract domestic tourists given the less number of international tourists visiting the place.

While more farmers started farming on a large-scale, aggregating and reaching the product to the market at an affordable price remains a big challenge.

High transportation costs and an increasing number of vendors between farmers and the market led to farmers getting fewer returns from farming.