To strengthen opportunities for children in the first two decades of their lives, the South Asia Parliamentarian Platform for Children was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on May 2 and 3.

Parliamentarians from across the region discussed the need for stronger commitment and investment in children and adolescents.

A press release from UNICEF states that the meeting is an effort to increase investment in children and young adults, bringing about change for millions of poor and improving the prospects for healthy economic growth in the region. “Lawmakers from all eight countries in South Asia met to prioritise, promote, and safeguard children’s rights and discuss the prospects for further investment in Early Childhood and adolescent years.”

Members of Parliament (MP) from Bhutan, Ritu Raj Chhetri, Rinzin Jamtsho and Gopal Gurung participated in the meeting.

Regional Director of UNICEF South Asia, Jean Gough, said that while South Asia is home to one fourth of the world’s population, its share of global income is just four percent. “This fact underlines one of the biggest challenges for South Asia’s progress on the social and economic front: namely the lack of investment in its largest asset, its human capital – and especially the young within the society.”

Staff Reporter