KP Sharma

To support the National School Curriculum (NSC), the Ministry of Education and Skill Development introduced Digital Learning Materials (DLMs) which will act as guides for teachers to create interactive and engaging learning.

The ministry said that the implementation of DLMs would facilitate teachers in designing learning that is engaging, motivating, and rewarding for the learners. It is also expected to foster learner-centered learning and use technology to enhance student’s learning experiences and outcomes.

“The use of technology enhances students’ learning outcome, and the availability of learning lessons at any time, anywhere, enables students to access at their convenience,” the ministry said.

According to the ministry, DLMs is one of the components of MySherig Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The LMS is a platform that aims to equip learners to their full potential by supplementing learning with flexible smart alternative learning spaces, appropriate knowledge and skills while aligning with the growing digital infrastructure.

The ministry said that 1668 digital learning materials covering all subjects from class PP to six are currently available online. The materials for class seven and above would be available on the portal soon.

The national school curriculum aims to prepare learners with skills and relevant knowledge relevant to the modern world through practical and experimental learning experiences.

The development is expected to ease burden on teachers and parents and assist them experience technology-based learning as per the curriculum requirement.