Staff Reporter

The office of the returning officer of Chhoekhor-Tang in Bumthang issued a reminder letter to the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s candidate, Dawa to uphold election code of conduct on November 6.

The letter states that the office of the RO received complaints of the candidate and the supporter holding odd- hour gathering.

RO reminded the candidate and his supporters to uphold section 289 of the election act of the kingdom of Bhutan.

The section states that the political parties and candidates shall, in order to maintain a healthy electoral system and to ensure that the election campaigns are carried out in a lawful, peaceful and orderly manner for a free and fair election, abide by the Election Code of Conduct.

The letter also reminded the candidate to ensure that the election campaigns are carried out as per the election campaign guidelines and abide election code of conduct prescribed in section 302.

He was reminded that any contravention of the code of conduct shall be dealt as per the Election Act.

It was learnt that DPT candidate after receiving complaints from his supporters then informed the RO on the evening of November 5.

Dawa did not comment.