Sherab Lhamo

At the common forum at Dokar Sharpa constituency in Paro yesterday, 56 female voters attended out of a total of 79.

Representatives from both the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) shared their commitments covering various aspects such as road infrastructure, water management, irrigation, agriculture, youth opportunities, and financial support.

Gem Tshering, PDP’s candidate, assured voters to upgrade all farm roads, implement base course farm roads, enhance access to clean drinking water, and construct water reservoirs for each of the four chiwogs.

Additionally, he highlighted the PDP’s commitment to providing chain link fences and an 80 percent loan equity for the acquisition of utility vehicles or farm machinery within a family.

The party, he said, would offer interest-free loans for power tillers, farm machinery, and jersey cows to farmers. Gem emphasised that each gewog would receive a pool vehicle.

BTP’s candidate, Jigme, on the other hand, outlined pledges to build new farm roads and bridges, improve base course farm and feeder roads, and blacktop all chiwog roads. Ensuring access to safe and reliable drinking water for all four gewogs, along with sufficient water for irrigation, was another focal point.

He shared the party’s commitment to creating temporary employment opportunities for Class 12 and college graduates for a year, providing them with valuable work experience. The BTP also promised to construct cold storage facilities and install chain link fencing in all four gewogs.

Jigme also highlighted on the Phamai Drinlen Zurpho initiative by the party, providing basic income for non-pensioner senior citizens above 65 years.

The common forum for Dokar Sharpa constituency ends today.