…Still lacks basic facilities

Neten Dorji

Trashiyangtse—Doksum  has a new town. But two years after businesspeople moved to the new township, basic amenities like proper drainage system, parking, streetlights, and clean drinking water are still missing.

Shopkeepers of the small town shifted to the new town in January 2022. They were promised the necessary infrastructure as soon as they moved.

Residents said that it is high time the dzongkhag municipality provided them with basic infrastructure like clean water connectivity, proper drainage system, streetlight, and parking.

“Without the roads being blacktopped between town and highway towards Trashiyangtse, travellers hardly come to town,” said a resident. “Dust during the winter and mud during the monsoon is a problem to travellers and customers.”

A shopkeeper , Sangay Yueden, said that if proper drainage and infrastructure are not put in place, there is a chance of dengue breaking out in the area. “If we are not provided with clean drinking water connections, hygienic surroundings will lose them one day,” she said. “Doksum town doesn’t look like a town.  To attract customers the town should look attractive.”

Another shopkeeper, Yeshi Cheki, said that the town is not safe for walking at night or in the evening. “The dzongkhag promised to provide us with streetlights and other basic facilities before we shifted to the new town,” she said, adding that they haven’t received all the facilities.

The dzongkhag has awarded the construction work of drains, taxi parking, laying base course,and sewage system. However, the contractor missed several deadlines, which caused inconvenience to residents.

“The contractor was supposed to complete the work around September, but there has been no development from the contractor’s side,” said a businessman. “The contractor has to be terminated since he fails to complete the work on time. It is an unnecessary burden on the government and residents.”

He said they wonder whether this is because of a lack of monitoring or neglect, since residents talk to the media.

Dzongkhag officials said that a sewage facility is already in place and the work order for parking has already been awarded. The remaining facilities are proposed in the 13th Plan.

“Most basic amenities are in place, and some are being put in place. We have postponed the some construction of infrastructures to prevent potential damage. Furthermore, it is considered wasteful expenditure, given that private building constructions are still ongoing,” he added.

Officials said that the work has already been awarded to install pipelines from the open channel to the pipeline from Buyang to the Lingkhar area, connecting the water treatment plant (WTP).

“Once completed, clean, reliable, and safe drinking water will not be an issue.”