Jigmi Wangdi

Residents in Tsirang-toed gewog are still in a state of shock after a young man killed his adopted parents in cold blood.

The gruesome murder of a couple in their late forties in Tsirang-Toed Gewog on Monday was allegedly committed by a man in his twenties. The man was reportedly adopted by the couple seven years ago.

Sources told Kuensel that the 18-year-old son of the couple rushed to a neighbour’s house for help that morning. The son sustained severe injuries on the back.

The neighbours reported it to gewog officials who instructed them to try and restrain the suspect. As a precautionary measure, the officials advised the neighbours to take sticks for self-defence, in case the suspect retaliated.

When the neighbours reached the house, they reportedly saw the suspect washing the blood off a khukuri (a local machete). When the neighbours asked him about the couple’s whereabouts, he said that the couple had gone out.

The neighbours reportedly looked around and spotted traces of blood which led them to uncover the bodies of the couple inside the septic tank. The neighbours then caught the suspect and bound him with ropes.

Sources said that residents living in the locality remain shocked at what had happened as the couple would often speak about giving the suspect a share of their property along with their other children.

It is reported that the suspect assumed he had killed the 18-year-old son too.

The son was rushed to Tsirang-toed hospital and then referred to Damphu hospital first and then to Gelephu hospital, where he is currently recovering.

The sources said that the son will be undergoing x-ray and ultrasound examinations before undergoing an operation. It is reported that the strike from the knife narrowly missed the son’s spinal cord, preventing paralysation.

It is yet to be determined if the suspect acted on his own or if he had accomplices who aided him in committing the crime.

The cause of the homicide is still unclear at the moment. The police are investigating the case.