Yangyel Lhaden

Druk Ride, an application for multi-service technology platform popular for booking transport services such as bus reservations and on-demand taxi services, is going to introduce a new feature soon where customers can choose to donate to a social cause.

They are currently registering civil social organisations (CSO) under CSO Authority’s public benefit organisations.

So far, they have signed an agreement with 10 CSOs for this cause.

This initiative is part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) of Druk Ride.

“ Druk Ride aims to fulfill its CSR by supporting and contributing to the betterment of society. By integrating a donate feature, we are providing an easy and accessible platform for users to contribute to various important causes,” marketing officer with Druk Ride, Yeshi Choden, said.

The new donation feature will function in this way: When one books a ride with Druk Ride, there will be a new button labeled “Donate”. A customer can then choose from the listed CSOs, each accompanied by a description, that they want to support with any amount.

“The initiative aims to foster a sense of community and solidarity among the application users. By supporting different CSOs and causes, users can feel more connected to the community and actively participate in making a positive impact,” Yeshi Choden said. “This initiative emphasises that even small contributions from many individuals can collectively make a significant difference in supporting various causes and initiatives.”

Executive director of the Bhutan Kidney Foundation (BKF), Tashi Namgay,  said that Drukride, a startup company approaching CSOs to assist in our work, is commendable as it sets the best examples of CSR. “We are excited to collaborate with them, and we have huge appreciation for them.”

He said that BKF wasn’t concerned about the money Druk Ride could generate, as it would depend on their business, but this simple thought mattered, outweighing monetary benefits. “Even Nu one  coming from them will mean a lot to us.”

Executive Director of Disabled People’s Organisation of Bhutan, Kinley Wangchuk, said that it was a welcome initiative and only a handful entrepreneurs come up with creative idea like Druk Ride to collaborate with CSOs.

“Majority of CSOs mobilise fund from donors and membership with some CSOs struggling to sustain with not enough endowment fund currently and Druk Ride’s initiative is like helping hand to CSOs,” he said.

He added that in the agreement signed with Drukride, there is an accountability component wherein CSOs also have to submit reports on how the funds, donated by people, are utilised, ensuring that every person’s money is utilised for a good cause.

“With people having the option to choose which CSOs they want to donate to; I do not have huge expectations for revenue. However, the mere advertisement and our names on their application will greatly help in advocating people about our work and presence,” he said.

Druk Ride has signed memorandum of understanding with 10 public benefit organisations so far namely—Ability Bhutan Society, Lhak-Sam, Draktsho Vocational Training Center for Special Children and Youth, Disabled people’s Organisation of Bhutan, Bhutan Stroke Foundation, Bhutan Kidney Foundation, Bhutan Cancer Society, Bhutan Animal Rescue and Care, Jangsa Animal Saving and Trust, Clean Bhutan, and Nazhoen Lamtoen

Druk Ride was founded in 2016 and has supported more than 300,000 taxi and bus rides through its application.