Neten Dorji

Trashigang— The Druk Thundrel Tshogpa (DTT) president began his campaign for the primary round of the fourth National Assembly elections launching the manifesto in Trashigang yesterday.

DTT president, Kinga Tshering, outlined the party’s commitments, focusing on economic development and balanced regional growth if elected.

According to the party leaders, the manifesto is a culmination of people’s needs and aspirations collected during the candidates’ visits to the 20 dzongkhags, 205 gewogs, and 1,044 chiwogs.

The manifesto is reportedly based on Constitutional articles, symbolised by the four natural economic elements: mining and agricultural productions, hydropower, industries, and tourism. It incorporates the five economic aspects, including good governance, social harmony, environment, culture, cutting-edge technology, and finance. The party aims to implement the proposals outlined in the 104-page manifesto.

“We believe it is time for a government that emphasises balanced regional development, enriching its people,” DTT president Kinga Tshering said. “Hydropower development in the east is crucial for initiating development activities.”

Apart from economic pledges, the DTT promised to prioritise infrastructure such as roads, drinking water, irrigation, marketing, tourism, and hydropower in the eastern regions.

“To ensure regional balance, we plan to expand the existing Yonphula domestic airport and encourage tourism in the east,” the DTT vice president Chenga Tshering said. “Our pledges are not mere election bait but derived directly from the people themselves.”

DTT also committed to establishing a nursing college in the east and providing a 5km chain link fencing in each chiwog to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts.

The party president highlighted that out of the 215 pledges, 48 are classified as ‘pao’ pledges, with 48 expected to be fulfilled within the government’s initial 108 days.

“We have a distinctive manifesto that stands out not only nationally but also on a global scale,” said Kinga Tshering. “Our array of competent candidates come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.”

If elected, the DTT committed to forming a committee outside the Parliament that collaborates between citizens and elected officials.

These representatives would ensure timely government services and monitor the fulfillment of promised pledges by elected candidates, DTT party leaders said. “In the past, these responsibilities were often overlooked.”

DTT also places a high priority on employment creation, aiming to empower the youth by providing vocational skills and scholarships.

“We aim to equip our youth with skills enabling them to work without hindrances before considering opportunities abroad,” the president said. “We also intend to offer low-interest loans for those aspiring to seek opportunities outside the country.”

The party president will visit Trashiyangtse today.