Neten Dorji | Wamrong

Every time a vehicle passes through Moshi and Reserbu in Wamrong, shopkeepers and houses along the road are greeted with a fog of dust. In winter it gets worse.

The road was widened three years ago but has not been blacktopped yet.

Villagers say that dust is giving them breathing problems.

Singye Phuntsho, 74, has a breathing problem and dust is making his problem worse.

“Something should be done about this road and the dust,” said Singye Phuntsho.

A restaurateur, Kencho, said the road needs blacktopping. “ Recklessly driving and speeding add to the problem.”

Villagers say that the dust is affecting crop production.

A shopkeeper, Nima Tashi, said: “It has been more than four years since the road has been widened. But who is going to blacktop the road?”

Villagers sprinkle water on dusty roads every day.

During monsoon, potholes make driving difficult.

A shopkeeper in Moshi, Kencho Wangmo, said:  “We can’t even open the windows because of dust. The movement of vehicles has increased over the years and it poses risks to pedestrians.”

A bus driver, karma, said it is risky to drive. “There is an urgent need to solve the problem of dust along the highway.”

DANTAK officials refused to comment.