Staff Reporter

The Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB), upon receiving information from credible sources, intercepted a number of vehicles commuting to different destinations on January 6, according to the commission.

As per information received, these vehicles were plying to different dzongkhags, allegedly ferrying voters. The commission, with the support of the concerned dzongkhag election authorities and the RBP, intercepted these vehicles at different locations.

“While conducting preliminary investigation, although the ECB was in possession of credible information, it could not establish conclusive evidence on the allegations in its entirety. Therefore, the ECB has allowed the vehicles and passengers to proceed to their destinations,” a press release from ECB stated.

According to the commission, the local election authorities sensitised the passengers on the need to exercise their franchise, without fear and favour by upholding their fundamental duty.

“The ECB would like to reiterate its full commitment towards upholding its constitutional mandate of ensuring free and fair elections election,” the press release stated.