KP Sharma 

Education Consultancy and Placement Firms (ECPF) will not share testimonials and reviews on their social media and other digital platforms with immediate effect. 

This is one of the three additional precautionary measures that the firms and the Bhutan Qualifications and Professionals Certification Authority (BQPCA) agreed to during an executive meeting on August 15. 

The marketing strategies of the ECPFs were scrutinised following concerns raised on the authenticity of these publicised materials. 

As per the cautionary notice BQPCA issued the following day, the discussion during the meeting focused on the growing trend of ECPFs sharing review posts and using other marketing strategies. 

The BQPCA called on ECPFs to stop the current trend of sharing testimonials and reviews, which has seen a significant increase in recent weeks. “All the ECPFs are advised to refrain from using alternative methods to demonstrate visa success on social media.”

It has asked the ECPFs to discontinue the practice of posting content on platforms such as social media that involves cake-cutting ceremonies or showcasing of gifts and tokens of gratitude from successful clients, as these actions could lead to unfavourable consequences, according to the note. 

The BQPCA also cautioned ECPFs against spreading false information or making unsupported claims. 

The advisory stated that in the absence of reliable mechanisms or systems to verify the claims made by ECPFs on social media, they should refrain from making unsubstantiated statements.

“The claims lack authenticity and raise concerns,” the advisory stated. “Our perspective is that as long as your services are of superior quality and client satisfaction is evident, there is little urgency to artificially elevate client expectations.”

For improved client feedback, BQPCA asked the ECPFs to print and display QR codes within their office premises.

The code will serve as a platform for clients to provide feedback regarding the services they have received from particular firms.

According to BQPCA, this measure is expected to assist the authority in collecting direct insights into client satisfaction levels with respect to the services provided by ECPFs. This initiative would help in addressing various undesirable situations.

The authority would issue a public notification on this feedback mechanism soon.

Violations and minor offences could hinder license renewal, and severe case could lead to licence suspension or cancellation.

There are 63 registered education consultancies and placement firms registered with BQPCA to date.