… complainant appeals to full commission 

Chencho Dema| Punakha 

The Central Election Dispute Settlement Body (CEDSB) of the ECB overturned the Dzongkhag Dispute Settlement Body’s decision to penalise Namgay Tenzin, a cousin of Toebisa gewog’s National Council candidate Dophu Drukpa for breaching election rules.

The decision was passed on March 22.

CEDSB said that man is no longer required to pay the fine that was imposed by the Dzongkhag Dispute Settlement Body for the alleged bribery before the dhamngoi zomdu in the gewog.  He was asked to pay a fine equivalent to 120 days of the national wage for violating the Election Act, rules and regulations and guidelines.

After disagreeing with the dzongkhag Dispute Settlement Body’s ruling on March 16, Dechen Thaiye Dorji appealed to the CEDSB.

Namgay Tenzin expressed his satisfaction with the decision made by the CEDSB to Kuensel.

“I appealed further in an effort to obtain justice because I am aware that I have not broken any election rules. Although my intentions were misunderstood, I’m delighted the problem is now resolved,” he remarked.

On March 9, Dechen Thaiye Dorji, one of the aspiring NC candidates from Toebisa gewog filed a case against his opponent Dophu Drukpa’s cousin for alleged bribery and lobbying for votes during the dhamngoi zomdu held on March 7.

During the dhamngoi zomdu held in Toptokha on March 7, Dophu Drukpa with 379 votes won against Dechen Thaiye Dorji who secured 317 votes.

The cousin was accused of distributing green nets and lobbying for votes.

Although the cousin had distributed green nets to six women, investigations revealed that the nets were not given to the individuals to lobby votes and the case of alleged bribery was ruled out. Since the distribution happened during the election period, it was in conflict with the Election Act. He was then warned not to repeat such acts especially during the election period.

The six women were also warned to refrain from such acts in future because the acceptance of such gifts is strictly prohibited during elections.

Dechen Thaiye Dorji has now appealed to the full commission.