Teachers, non-formal education (NFE) instructors, cooks, caregivers, wardens, matrons, laboratory assistants, librarians, drivers, sports instructors and early child care and development (ECCD) instructors, whose service are on contract would be regularised, according to the education minister, Jai Bir Rai.

He announced this while answering to a question Nganglam’s member of Parliament (MP) Choida Jamtsho asked yesterday during the question session.

The MP inquired when the government would regularize the contract employees as pledged in their manifesto. He also asked if the education ministry could decide it as that there are other employees on contract in other ministries.

Khamdang-Ramjar MP, Kuenga Loday, said poor working condition or atmosphere and unavailability of staff quarters within the school premises affect the quality of education.

He asked the government what measures are in place to address the issue as they have pledged in their manifesto. “DNT pledged to build adequate teacher quarters within the school campus or close to schools for the convenience of both teachers and students.”

He claimed teachers lose interest and passion in their career because of lack of staff quarter within the school premises, lack of opportunities, and financial incentives.

Lyonpo Jai Bir Rai said that the government would work to improve the working conditions of the teachers and construct staff quarters within the campus.

He, however, said that he did not find any teachers losing their interest. “I know the condition of the teachers and the difficulties they face as I have been in villages too.”

He said the government also has plans to reduce the teaching time from 22hrs to 18hrs in a week in order to ensure that the teachers keep their interest and passion for teaching. “We have plans to recruit teacher assistance to help with their administrative assessment and ease their job.”

Manika Rai