LG: Lhuntse elected four formal gups September 27.

Tsheten Dorji of Tshenkhar gewog said that he is very thankful to the people who voted for him. “I have the experience,” he said, and added that he will give special priority to the construction of farm roads and drinking water supplies.

Maetsho gewog’s newly elected mangmi Jamyang Lhamo said that she will work hard to make census services accessible from the chiwogs.

Meatsho gup Gembo said that he’s got three targets that he will try to achieve: addressing poverty in the gewog, repairing farm roads and preserving the culture and tradition of the gewog.

Jarey gewog’s new mangmi Kinzangla said that in most of the gewogs, people face problem while claiming life insurance. He said he would lend Nu 15,000 as loans from his own income to address the problem. The amount, he said, will be recovered when the people get their insurance claims.

Kinzang Dorji, Jarey gewog’s new gup, said that he was a gup for nine years.

Kelzang Wangchuk | Lhuntse