Crime: Electrification items worth Nu 2.5M were found damaged and burgled from the project site in Deorali, Dagana when officials visited the site on October 10.

Three drums of conductor wire were found damaged while few hundred meters of wire had gone missing. The wire stringing equipment belonged to Jyoti Structure Limited, which was working on the power supply work from Punatshangchhu until Sunkosh.

According to the site supervisor Juran Pal they found that a fire had been made under the drum and wires missing. “We reported the incident to police as soon as we found the damages,” Juran said.

He said they couldn’t say when the incident could have occurred since they don’t visit the site daily. Deorali is about 15 kms from Dagapela zero point.

Another site supervisor said they do have a caretaker at the site but during the time of incident, he had gone to India for Durga Puja festival.

Officiating in-charge of Dagapela police station said the crime scene has no settlement nearby.

“We suspect the miscreants had intentionally gone there to rob the conductor wire and had made a fire to melt the copper wire so that they can carry it easily for sale,” he said.

Each drum consists of 2,100 meters of wire. Project manager Mishra said for each drum of conductor wire is costs about Nu 120,000.

“Since we are insured with Bhutan Insurance limited, we have reported the incident along with the list of materials damaged to their office in Tsirang,” he said.

The four-year project started in 2010 and since they could not complete the work on time, the deadline has been extended until June 2016.

Yeshey Dema, Dagapela