Sherab Lhamo

To facilitate job placements and offer career counselling and guidance sessions for job seekers, the Regional Offices of Industry, Commerce and Employment have opened employment service centres (ESCs) in the dzongkhags. 

The job seekers are equipped with Bhutan Labour Market Information System (BLMIS) to enhance their employability. The job seekers are registered on BLMIS, where job vacancies are announced and filtered to avail other online services offered by the ministry.

There are 59,777 job seekers and 46,808 employers registered on BLMIS.

According to an official from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment, job seekers are trained in regular CV writing and job interview skills workshops on Wednesdays at the centres. 

The ESCs are monitored by the Employment Service Division, the Entrepreneurship Promotion Division, and the Labour Market Information and Career Guidance Division.

“The centre helps bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, assisting job seekers in applying for vacancies in various sectors,” the official said, adding that they are also trained in entrepreneurship and skills training programmes through the support Youth Employment and Livelihood Programme.

The centre also helps provide crucial information on occupational standard, assessment and certification, accreditation systems, skill completion, and information on registration of private training institutes. “Employers can utilise the interview rooms at the ESC for recruitment and selection purposes,” said the official.

In the current Plan, ESCs have referred 6,004 jobseekers and made 33,974 placements. 

The department is currently developing an ESC strategy to address current challenges and strengthen various aspects of the centres’ functioning.