Royal Education Council (REC) has revised English textbooks for Classes IV to VI and Mathematics for Classes PP to VI.

The revision was in keeping with the resolution of the National Curriculum Conference 2016, evaluation of school English and Mathematics curriculum from Classes PP to XII and to reduce the ‘bulkiness’ of the curriculum.

REC issued two circulars to familarise the teachers about the changes in the textbooks on April 5.

The circular for reading and literature contents for classes IV to VI stated that a review committee went through the contents and proposed removal of some short stories, essays and poems from each class. “Since no new topics have been added in the text, the edition of the textbooks remains unchanged.”

The circular, for revised mathematics textbooks for Classes PP to VI stated that no major changes were made in the contents of the textbooks. “In the reprint/print 2017 textbooks, while no new topics have been added, some lessons have been deleted, and some units rearranged without losing the overall essence.”

The circulars further stated that the schools could continue using the latest reprint of the existing edition.

English curriculum developer with REC, Sangay Tshering, said that the council had sent letters to the schools stating that they could use the existing textbooks, provided they do not teach the dropped topics.

He added that following normal procedures, schools could put up requisition for new textbooks after the life span of the textbooks, which is three years, is completed.  “By next year, when they receive the new textbooks, it would contain the updated information.”

Sangay Tshering said that the contents of the English textbooks, which did not affect the learning environment and could be covered by other topics, were removed. “We tried to streamline the contents. Even though some topics were dropped, those topics which were not dropped will fulfill the requirements of language learning.”

Director of REC, Kinga Dakpa, said that the English curriculum was also reviewed as it had been about 12 years since the implementation of the curriculum. “After every 10 years we are supposed to review and reform the curriculum.”

REC’s Mathematics curriculum developer said that revision of mathematics textbooks were a part of the ongoing process of REC to improve the quality of textbooks. “We are done with the curriculum review for the primary classes. Now we will focus on the secondary classes.”

He said that after review and feedback from the teachers, the contents that do not affect the overall quality of mathematics were thinned out.

REC also oriented about 350 teachers about the changes in the curricula.

Karma Cheki