KP Sharma

The College of Science and Technology (CST) is conducting an inquiry against allegations of ragging and bullying among students and the student body’s claims of abuse against some members of the college administration. 

The student body’s allegation against the administration, which went viral on social media, accused the deputy president of the college of making unwarranted threats toward the student leaders. 

While the administration has not disclosed details of the allegations, various allegations are circulating on social media. One version says the case originated when the deputy president received an email reporting seniors bullying the juniors in the hostels. Following the reported incident, the student leaders were summoned to a meeting.

After the meeting, the allegation says the deputy president distributed documents and asked the student leaders to gather signatures from their students, affirming their commitment not to engage in bullying or ragging within the college. A majority of them declined to sign, stating that they had not been involved in ragging and found it unnecessary to do so.

Subsequently, the student leaders were asked to step down from their positions on suspicion that they had influenced the students not to sign.

As per a post on a popular social media group, the student leaders subsequently resigned and their phones were examined. 

The Chairman of CST and Gedu College of Business Studies issued a notice, stating that the college has its own regulations to handle the disciplinary issues and protect the rights of students within the college.

The notice also mentioned the students’ participation in groups and bullying, adding that the investigation team has collected sufficient evidence on the issue. The suspended students were also called to attend classes from September 4, until the disciplinary committee makes its final decision.

Meanwhile, Vice Chancellor of the Royal University of Bhutan, Nidup Dorji said that an investigation is underway and could not comment until it is over. 

The president of the College also said that he cannot comment now, as the investigation is underway.