Nima Wangdi

All entertainment centres including movie theatres can resume their business at full capacity from today according to a press release on further relaxation from the Prime Minister’s Office issued yesterday.

All mass gatherings including religious ceremonies such as Tshechus and Moenlam Chenmos will be allowed but Covid-19 protocols such as wearing face masks and hand washing must be followed.

All sports activities, including tournaments, will also be allowed with spectators. “However, people experiencing Covid-19 symptoms are advised not to take part in the sports activities.”

The press release stated that to attain greater efficacy and resource-saving, virtual meetings, conferences, seminars, and training are strongly encouraged. However, in cases where in-person meetings or training are necessary, it must be conducted in well-ventilated rooms. “Coordinators must ensure that all participants use facemasks and practice handwashing and sanitising.”

Bhutanese travelling abroad will no longer be required to seek travel clearance from the NC19TF or Department of Immigration. But outbound Bhutanese travellers are encouraged to be fully vaccinated and to take all precautionary measures for Covid-19 while travelling.

“For official travel, government agencies must exercise due diligence and prioritise them based on national priorities,” the press release stated.

The last relaxation was implemented on May 2. Following a continuous decline in the national case trend and the positivity rate gave the government the confidence to announce further relaxations. The rate of severity in cases and hospitalization in Covid-19 hospitals has decreased significantly.

Vaccination coverage in the country continues to improve and no major outbreaks were reported even after the opening of all schools.