A Gelephu-based entrepreneur, Jamtsho, has declared his intention to contest for the National Council election next year from Thimphu thromde.

The 34-year-old owner of Dargay Cement Agent and Gelephu Childcare Center, who also worked as a teacher at Kuen-Gaa Higher Secondary School and Ugyen Academy before starting his business, said he would soon come to Thimphu for familiarisation.

With a Bachelors degree in Computer Applications from Mangalore University, India, Jamtsho claims that he will make the best candidate for Thimphu.  “My leadership will make a difference both in legislative and developmental works.”

He said he not only intends to lead but also offer the electorate better representation by responding to the needs of the people.

He said he has been closely following the working of elected leaders for the last 10 years, and that that has enabled him to offer better ideas to the electorate.

“Elected leaders must never forget their voters after getting elected,” he said, adding that elected leaders should be always in touch with their constituents.

Jamtsho said he would be different from the present and past Members of Parliament from Thimphu. “I will keep interacting with the public and involve them in the legislative process through consultation,” he said.

Among many issues, he says community vitality should be strengthened and preserved. “It would be a great honour to serve my community.”

If elected, he said he would work hard to frame laws and policies that will reflect the moral values of the people of Thimphu and the country. “All institutions should work in close coordination for the service of the King, country and people.”

He said he would be happy if there are more candidates contesting from Thimphu. “More candidates will mean more choices for the people.”

Jamtsho said that Members of Parliament should possess and uphold high moral values in the society.

Staff reporter