Town: The completion of a water reservoir for Samdrupcholing dungkhag’s proposed town has rekindled hope that a township that was planned decades ago, will follow.

The present bazaar is known as Tsangchuthang. It was earlier known as Koipani.

The 250 cubic metre water tank will supply the new town when it materialises.

Samdrupcholing Dungpa Lobzang Dorji said the present town has no dearth of water and that the new tank is meant for the future town, which will be located near the dungkhag office above the present bazaar.

“The town development could occur sooner or later but we are now ready in terms of water supply,” he said.

He added that construction of an internal road is underway, and that surveys to demarcate land is expected to take place soon.

“But if needed, we’ll try to use the water for other purposes so that it remains intact.”

The new township is in Phuntshothang because the present town is located on a high-risk flood zone of the Merak Ama river. The present town is still connected with a rural water supply scheme.

Samdrupjongkhar dzongkhag engineer Chador Phuntsho said the water tank would be connected to those households that face water shortage currently.

The Government of India funded the Nu 18.7 million water tank.

He said they would soon demarcate and distribute the plots as per the structural plan and there is already a plan for waste management that will also be implemented soon. However, he said that it is yet to be decided what types of buildings will be allowed.

People are currently living in temporary sheds or semi-permanent structures waiting for the new town.

The recent disaster in the south has also left them worried as the Merak Ama river also swells every monsoon.

Their hopes have risen though with the dzongkhag tshogdu endorsing Samdrupcholing as a yenlag thromde last year.

The township will benefit almost 7,000 people. Samdrupcholing is about 68km from Samdrupjongkhar.

Yangchen C Rinzin |  Samdrupjongkhar