Police in Samdrupjongkhar is investigating how an explosive detonated and injured a 14-year-old monk of Duejom Choekhang Shedra in Samdrupjongkhar on June 11.

While it is not clear how the explosive exploded, it was learnt that the incident occurred at 3pm that day when the monk, along with six other monks, went to Teakshingree to clear the drainage for their drinking water. Teakshingree is about two kilometres away from the shedra.

According to a statement provided to police by the shedra instructor, trulku Dorji, the incident occurred when the boy unknowingly placed a stone on an explosive discarded in the area when he was cleaning the drain.

The boy suffered burns on his hands and legs.

It was learnt that the other six monks, who were on the other side during the incident were unhurt.

The boy was taken to Dewathang hospital and then referred to Mongar regional referral hospital on June 12.

Police sources said that after receiving the information, a police investigation team went to Dewathang hospital.

Sources claimed that since the incident occurred near the road widening area at Narphung, project DANTAK, who was carrying out the job, must have left the explosives.

Officials from project DANTAK refuted the claim, saying they left the road widening work in the area four months ago. “We have stopped widening works and shifted to Narphung town because there was a village and we were not allowed to carry out blasting,” an official said.

Meanwhile, the victim’s father, Namtong, 50, said he was shocked that his son got injured. “I could not even escort him to the hospital since my wife is not well at home,” he said. “I wish authorities would find out how and who left the explosive at the site.”

Kelzang Wangchuk |  Samdrupjongkhar