Paro saw voter turnout of about 5,220 at facilitation booths between September 7 and 9.

Paro had four postal ballot facilitation booths, one each at Wanakha Central School (CS), Shaba Higher Secondary School (HSS), Drukgyel CS, and Paro College of Education (PCE).

A total of 6,705 voters had registered for the facilitation booth, the highest of 4,058 at PCE.

PCE saw the highest voter turnout of more than 3,000 voters, followed by Drukgyel CS with 1,142 and Shaba HSS with 603 voters. Wanakha CS saw the lowest voter turnout of about 86 voters.

Mobile facilitation booths were provided to the voters at Pangbisa, Wangsil Institute, Neyphu, and Dawakha old age pensioner (OAP).

About 1,485 voters did not cast their votes. More than 40 voters who registered for mobile facilitation booths could not cast their vote.

Female voter turnout was higher with about 2,934 voters participating in the elections. About 2,286 male voters cast their vote in the last three days.

According to Election Commission of Bhutan, a party or a candidate must stop the election campaign 48 hours before the hour of the poll day.

Rinchen Zangmo | Paro