Lhakpa Quendren | Gelephu 

Following the implementation of a moratorium on land sales and purchases in Sarpang, all transactions, including the sale deed agreements, registered or drawn after July 14 will become null and void.   

However, the transactions of the inheritance of land within families will continue as usual.   

Sarpang’s senior land registrar, Yeshey Rangdol, said that the moratorium applies specifically to sale and purchase transactions, including gifts. “The submission of land sales and purchase-related documents was accepted until 5pm yesterday, and it remains closed thereafter.”

He said the inclusion of gift lands is intended to prevent the manipulation of agreements. “Otherwise, people would involve in the land businesses under the guise of gifting.”

According to the notification, sales, and purchases that have already been registered in the eSakor system before July 14 will be processed accordingly.

Credible sources confirmed that the implementation of the suspension on land transactions in Sarpang was informally enforced starting June 29. However, it was only yesterday that the National Land Commission (NLC) officially issued a notification regarding the suspension.

Yeshey Rangdol refuted claims regarding the informal freezing of commercial land transactions by the end of June. “The matter was just an internal discussion at the dzongkhag level,” he said, adding that 39 land sales and purchases, including gifts, were recorded between June 29 and July 14.

According to the proprietors of land transaction firms, they were informally informed about the imposition of the moratorium starting June 29, and some local leaders have also verbally announced to the residents about the temporary halt.

“I had to expedite to complete the submission of all the required documents of my clients before June 28. We also sent back our clients and informed them about the suspension. Hence, we did not proceed with any commercial-related land transactions.”

The NLC’s decision to impose a moratorium on the sale and purchase of land and properties in Sarpang Dzongkhag and Thromdes comes after consulting with the government and relevant stakeholders in the interest of the nation and the public.