Heritage: In commemoration of the naming ceremony of HRH The Gyalsey, the dzongkhag administration and dratshang installed a serthog at the Yongla Gonpa in Pemagatshel on April 16.

Yongla Gonpa is currently undergoing major renovation.

The dratshang also conducted rituals for the good health of The Gyalsey and displayed its thongdrel and relics to mark the occasion.

Lam Neten Jampel Sangay said that the naming ceremony of HRH The Gyalsey is a most important occasion and the right time to consecrate the sertog of the main lhakhang of the gonpa.

“There are a few works left to complete the construction,” the Lam Neten said.

Yongla Gonpa is considered one of the most sacred gonpas that protects the security of the country. The gonpa also serves as the residence of the Pemagatshel Rabdey and a place for people to perform important religious rites.

The gonpa is believed to be have been established about three centuries ago by Lam Jigme Kuendrel, a foremost disciple of Rigzin Jigme Lingpa, a great teacher and treasure discoverer.

The gonpa suffered major damages during the 2009 earthquake and the main lhakhang was completely damaged. The reconstruction of Yongla Gonpa began in 2014.

Project engineer Karma Tenzin said the works are going smoothly. He added the work on the construction of the drasha and Lamai Zimchung are ongoing.

The project was contracted out to a private contractor last year, which affected the construction work apart from climate challenges that the project faced. “That’s why we are first completing the roofing so that workers can focus on the work inside.”

However, he said that this has not affected the progress of work. Officials are confident that the project will be completed on time.

Renovation of statues of Guru Rinpoche and Dorji Drolo are going on simultaneously.

Funded by the government, the Nu 128 million project, which was supposed to have been completed in 2015, is now expected to be completed by the end of 11th Plan. The project so far has spent Nu 53 million.

Yangchen C Rinzin Pemagatshel