Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

People in eastern dzongkhags need not worry about ration shortage, as Food Corporation of Bhutan (FCB) is supplying continuous rations to respective dzongkhags.

FCB officials say they would supply 1,895.77 metric tonnes (MT) of rice, 186.83MT of oil and 76.09MT of dhal for the six eastern dzongkhags for three months.

Lhuntse would receive 154.25MT rice, oil 15.20MT and 6.19MT dhal, Mongar will receive 405.63MT rice, oil 39.97MT and 16.28MT dhal while Pemagatshel would get 263.52MT rice, 25.97MT oil and 10.58MT dhal.

Samdrupjongkhar would receive 392.68MT rice, oil 38.70MT and 15.76MT dhal, Trashigang would get 497.57MT rice, oil 48.44MT and 19.73MT dhal while FCB would supply 188.12MT rice, oil 18.54MT and 7.55MT dhal to Trashiyangtse.

According to records maintained by the FCB until March 24, they supplied 26.800MT rice, oil 2.610MT and 1.050MT dhal to Jomotshangkha while they had stocked up 240.119MT rice, oil 35.508MT and 0.367MT dhal at Samdrupjongkhar godown.

FCB supplied 140.742MT rice, oil 6.382MT and 1.497MT dhal to Pemagatshel, Lhuntse received 52.5MT rice, oil 5.5MT and 1MT dhal, Trashiyangtse received 43.650MT rice, 3.200MT oil and 1MT dhal, Mongar received 49.810MT rice, 12.420MT oil and 0.040MT dhal while FCB supplied 232.650MT rice, oil 19.531MT and 9.344MT dhal to Trashigang.

Officials said they would supply the remaining rations within the deadline as they have hired more than 50 private trucks to transport the rations to the respective dzongkhags.

Residents of the eastern dzongkhags say they are not worried about rations as FCB is supplying and stocking up at their respective godowns.

Meanwhile, FCB officials say transporting rations is difficult.

FCB’s regional manager, Pema Wangchuk, said they won’t be able to meet the deadline as it is difficult to transport it along Indian highways because of the lockdown. “About two to three trucks remain stranded along the highways as Indian security officials stop them every day.”

He said Indian security officials do not allow the trucks even if the drives provide the official documents, adding that the mirrors and glasses of the two FCB trucks were broken on March 26.

FCB also faces the labour challenges.

The regional manager said FCB officials and volunteers load and unload the rations at the moment, adding that a group formed by the Samdrupjongkhar thromde community also helps in loading and unloading.