Nima Wangdi 

The year of the Rat plagued the country with the novel coronavirus and brought the country to a standstill two times.

Forest fires ravaged acres of forests, disasters claimed a dozen lives and devastated properties, the pandemic crushed businesses, and many lost their livelihoods.

The rat has gone into hiding but its impacts linger on. The virus is still on the loose.

The cyclic successor of the rat is here. Female Iron Ox is likely to treat us slightly better than the rat.

But if we don’t work hard and be resilient like the Iron Ox, it could as well be a difficult year.

According to the astrologers at Pangrizampa Astrology College in Thimphu, the new year will not be much different from last year. The college’s  Tsilop Phub Dorji said that pandemic and famine are predicted for this year as well.

He said the fluctuation among the four elements of the universe would create an equal magnitude of problems and benefits. 

“Reciting religious texts, conducting Lhabsang Thruesoel, chanting Sampa Lhundrupma, Barchey Lamsel, Baza Guru and Jigten Wangchuk prayers can stop these misfortunes,” Lopen Phub Dorji said.

But the Ox would bring abundant rain, which would lead to a higher yield of crops and fruits.

The Ox year is predicted to be fairly good to human beings in general but it does not bode well for the livestock.

Lopen Phub Dorji said infants and elderly people, in particular, could encounter problems, while the rest could have a relatively good year.

He said any function or task inaugurated by a woman aged 30 born in the year of the water monkey would be successful. She should bear a good name, be beautiful, and both her parents should be alive.

Lopen Phub Dorji said children born this year would love sleeping and will be lazy. But they will be good at crafts, clever and their deeds would be impactful.

“Be enthusiastic, kind and care for others if a person wishes to avoid any bad events that could occur this year. Besides that the individuals also have to perform the prescribed cleansing and protecting rituals,” Tsilop Phub Dorji said.

It’s a bad year for those born in years of Ox, Sheep, Rooster, and Snake.

These individuals are advised to refrain from venturing on a long journey, travelling,  visiting construction sites, attending baby showers and funerals, disputes, and marriage ceremonies.