Yangyel Lhaden

Feral dogs mauled a seven-year-old girl in front of her house in Genekha, Thimphu, yesterday.

The girl, a class one student, was returning home from school when the incident happened.

Sources said there was no one at the girl’s house, which is isolated, as her mother had gone to the field and father was attending a training at the gewog office.

According to Genyen gup Kencho, about five dogs were feeding near her house when the dogs attacked the girl. “Few days back, the feral dogs also attacked a pet dog and I am told the feral dog killed themselves.”

He said the mother found her daughter lying on the ground at 5pm and saw about five dogs nearby. “The girl usually went to her grandparents and the parents picked her up, but today she decided to go home alone.”

Gup Kencho said that feral dogs were a concerning issue with the gewog and people in my gewog are frustrated. “I am consulting dzongkhag and livestock officials to look for a solution so that such incidences do not happen in future.”

Meanwhile, at about 7am and 7:30am, a bear also attacked two cows in Genekha yesterday.

Kencho said that one cow died and the other was in critical condition. “Wild animals are a threat to both human and domestic animals.”

He said that concerned authorities should provide solutions, as soon as possible. “Villagers cannot take matters into their own hands as they are bounded by law.”

An official with National Dog Population Management and Rabies Control said that livestock officials in Genekha are accessing the situation. “We will be able to take action after we receive their assessment.”