Chencho Dema

Punakha — The Punakha Tshechu began yesterday, immediately following the end of the three-day Dromchoe on February 18, and saw significant attendance with hundreds of locals. However, there was a notable disparity in the number of tourists, both regional and foreign.

On the first day of the tshechu, the number of tourists was not encouraging.

There were more tourists during the Dromchoe. During the second day of the Dromchoe, there were numerous large groups of tourists wearing red robes.

Punakha Tshechu is presided by Dorji Lopon of the Zhung Dratshang

Punakha Dromchoe, which commenced on February 16, and the Tshechu are presided by the venerable Dorji Lopon of the Zhung Dratshang.

The Dromchoe holds special reverence as it is dedicated to the guardian deities of the country, while also serving as a commemoration of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel’s triumph over the Tibetan invading forces.

The three-day Tshechu is scheduled to conclude on February 21, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of His Majesty The King’s Birth Anniversary.

Apart from the festival, what drew locals and visitors from neighbouring dzongkhags was the array of businesses set up at Thangzona, located approximately 100 meters from the dzong.

Numerous stalls with eateries, a games section for both adults and children, garment shops, and even a movie screening hall were among the attractions.

All interested individuals and business owners were welcome to apply for a plot at the Thangzona ground during the ongoing festivals.

During the six-day festival period, business owners and individuals operating stalls at the ground were required to pay fees as follows: Nu 8,000 for shops, Nu 11,000 for restaurants, Nu 12,000 for children’s spots, and Nu 9,000 for the movie screening hall.

The businesses were allowed to remain open until 11pm.