Dechen Dolkar

The 10th session of the third Parliament, which also marks the final session for National Assembly (NA) members, will begin on October 1 and will run for 12 days.

During this session, the NA will table one government Bill, specifically the Property Tax Amendment Bill. This Bill aims to extend the tax payment deadline.

As per the Property Tax Act of 2022, outlined in Chapter 5, Section 28, all taxes under this Act are to be paid by December 31st of each year, even if an objection or appeal has been made under Chapter 6 of this Act.

The House will also address several important matters, including the Annual Anti-Corruption Report of 2022, Question and Answer sessions, and potential reconsideration of the four Bills previously submitted by the NA to the National Council.

The Biological Corridor of Bhutan 2023, Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, BIMSTEC Charter, and Agreement on Movement of Traffic-in-Transit between Bangladesh and Bhutan. The National Assembly discussed and passed these four Bills during the last summer session.

During the Joint Session of the Parliament, the Prime Minister will present his State of the Nation report and members will discuss it. The Joint Session will also include deliberations on two performance audit reports, one focused on cybersecurity preparedness and the other on irrigation systems.

There will be two Joint Sessions of the Parliament.

Speaker Wangchuk Namgyel has informed that Members of Parliament (MPs) are currently in their constituencies on constituency visits. “I am optimistic that the members will return to Thimphu by September 29 to participate in the upcoming session.”