Hi Sir,

I am into outdoor fitness and am currently trying to lose weight by running. But I get tired very easily. I would like your advice on nutrition and supplementation so that I can improve my performance and lose fat. 

Sushant Chhetri

Hi Sushant,

As per the length and size of our skeleton we are designed to hold onto a certain amount of body weight comfortably. Anything on top of that, especially if it’s fat, which probably is true in your case, the body suffers. Performance reduces as the body has too much load on it.

Too much stress on the joints, connective tissue, muscle, cardiovascular system, and the heart, everything in your body has to work harder and harder with every kilogram of weight you gain. So you feeling tired is absolutely normal and consistent by-product of extra body weight. So the most sensible approach is to lose the weight while strengthening your muscle.

Run slowly and shorter distances at the beginning and work your way up gradually. This will give your body time to adapt or else you risk injury.

When overweight, you can easily hurt and injure your knee with running. If you are excessively over weight walking is the safest exercise to begin with. You do not need any special food supplements, just proper eating.

The simplest first step to do is to cut all your carbohydrates into half and replace it with portion of fresh vegetables. This will help you to reduce calories while boosting your metabolic rate.

What are carbohydrates? 

All types of sugars, including fruit, packaged noodles, all kinds of rice and pasta, different breads, roti, chips, potatoes, all kinds of juice, and more.

Tshering Dorji
(Health & Fitness Guru. Three times Mr Bhutan) For queries email at


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