Officials say it could have been caused by the bursting of an artificial dam or lake formation

Flood: Residents along the Dangchhu were evacuated and the Punatsangchhu projects were alerted after a flash flood was detected late yesterday.

As of yesterday evening, no one was sure about the cause of the flash flood, and officials including the dzongdag and gewog leaders kept close watch inspecting the river and alerting people.

According to Dangchhu gup, Sonam Dorji, they became aware of the flash flood at around 5pm when cow-herders residing near Tasa heard an unusual roaring sound from the Dangchhu. They knew it was a flood and eventually informed the villages downstream.

He said the cow herders informed three households along the Dangchhu located near the gewog centre, allowing their residents to reach higher ground in time. The families claimed that their walls have been partially destroyed by the flood.

“We were informed by those families at around 6:30pm, and subsequently we informed the dzongkhag and alerted schools, residents and others living downstream at Tikizampa,” said the gup.

Wangdue Dzongdag Sonam Jigme said that at around 7:23pm the flood had crossed through Tikizampa and no casualties were reported.

The dzongdag said that while no lake had burst, all settlements along the river, including the Punatsangchhu projects, have been informed and alerted.

There are no emergency sirens installed along the Dangchhu.

Meanwhile, Gup Sonam Dorji said the biggest lake that feeds the river is Dipchuni. There are several other lakes but all are small ones.

Dawa Gyelmo |  Wangdue