Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Most of the cordyceps collectors from Chumig, Bumthang have returned home. This year, the quality of fungus has been found to be poor.

Tashi Samdrup of Nangar, who returned after two weeks in the mountains collecting the fungus, said that the colour of the fungus was a sure indication of quality.

“Dark fungus does not fetch a good price,” he said.

Many have handed the collection permit back to the authorities.

Chumig Gup Jamphel said that as per the latest record, only 12 collectors were at the site. The gewog had issued the permit to more than 60 individuals.

The collectors from Chumig are allowed to collect the fungus at Bretingla, bordering Zhemgang, Trongsa, and Bumthang.

The collectors who come back have to go through flu screening. They must also bring back at least 5kg waste from the collection site.

Bumthang Dzongdag Passang Dorji said that the auction date would be fixed after all the collectors are back from the collection sites.

Chumig gewog will recommend the concern authorities to conduct auction chiwog-wise unlike previous years to prevent public gathering

According to reports, some collectors from Chhoekhor have also returned home.

However, Chhokehor Gup Pema Dongyel said that the collectors who had returned might go back for collection until their permits expire.

“Snow in most areas has started to melt, which means better collection,” he said.