Forensic examination at national referral hospital in Thimphu did not find any signs of penetration on the 13-year-old girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by her 83-year-old great-grandfather.

Health officials found no tears and the hymen intact. However, the medical report did not exclude non-penetrating sex.

The incident occurred in Trashigang.

While the girl’s two stepsisters aged 13 and seven also alleged that their great-grandfather sexually assaulted them, only one of them was referred to the national referral hospital for examination.

Sources said that the great-grandfather has not been detained and the stepsisters are in Trashigang.

Sources said that the girl also told health officials at the hospital that the great-grandfather sexually abused her but nothing was said about penetrative sexual intercourse.

Kuensel learnt that the victim’s mother died when she was 13 months old and the father remarried. The girl lived with the great-grandfather since she was four and could have been sexually exploited since then.

All three girls study in a school in Trashigang and live with their parents and the great-grandfather in his house in Trashigang. The 13-year-old girl is now in a shelter home.

It was learnt that the victim is the daughter of the 83-year-old man’s daughter’s adopted son.

The girl will also be examined for emotional abuse and emotional disorder by a psychiatrist at the hospital. 

An official with the forensic department said the investigation is yet to complete and it is important to see the overall situation. 

After the medical examination is complete, a report will be compiled and submitted to the police investigation office in Trashigang.

Staff reporter