Winning 74.25 percent of the total votes, Jamyang, from Pam village is the gup-elect of Samkhar gewog in Trashigang.

During the by-election held yesterday, the 31-year-old secured 1,249 votes from a total of 1,682. His opponent, Sonam Zangpo, from Bikhar-Domkhar chiwog secured 433 votes.

Jamyang secured 596 votes on the postal ballot compared to 251 of Sonam Zangpo. He also managed to win in all six polling stations across the six chiwogs.

This is also the first time in almost 20 years that Samkhar gewog would be represented by a gup from Chazam-Pam chiwog.

This was because, of the six chiwogs in the gewog, the majority of the population were concentrated in Bikhar-Domkhar, Kapang-Yenangdrangsa and Khabti-Lungtenzampa chiwogs.

“Even against this odd, I was expecting to win this time because people are now more aware and know who would serve them best,” said Jamyang. “And also given the experience I had from the National Council elections, I was hopeful that I would win.”

Jamyang was one of the seven candidates who contested during the National Council elections earlier this year from Samkhar gewog. After securing the highest votes (2,385 votes) on the electronic voting machine (EVM) among his contenders, Jamyang came second with 3,974 votes on April 20.

“People have trusted and put their hope on me. I’m ready to serve and assure them that whatever I’ve pledged, I would work on it,” said Jamyang.

He added that besides providing people with all the necessities, he would consult and work with those who do not live in the gewog. “Postal voters who do not stay in the villages are equally important. I would like to consult them on any developmental activities in the villages.”

Sonam Zangpo said he expected better support from his people. “Jamyang had the edge over me as he had participated in the elections before,” he said.  “However, I was expecting better support from the people. The votes in some places are way less then I had anticipated.”

both candidates hold a bachelors degree.

With 1,682 votes, the by-election saw a total of 44.15 voter turnout. This according to election officials was a positive turnout for a by-election.

The by-election was held following the death of the former gup in September.   

Younten Tshedup   | Trashigang